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Summer learning is important THIS YEAR MORE THAN EVER for your child to continue learning and to ensure a smooth transition for next school year.  Bridge 2 Learning offers multiple options for summer learning to help students stay actively engaged and continue to build their reading and math skills this summer. 

Although summer is usually a time to slow down and enjoy the long days of warmth and sunshine, a strong body of research shows, “students lose reading skills over the summer months” (Reading Rockets, n.d.).  Additionally, some students fall behind in applying previously learned math skills over the summer which leads to teachers having to spend time reviewing math content in the beginning of the school year.  This is also widely known as the summer slide, and there are things you can do to prevent this from happening.  

Here are a few things to consider:

 ☀  Summer learning can help strengthen literacy and math  foundations students need to succeed for the next school year.

      ☀ Summer learning will help to reinforce a consistent  routine to ensure a smoother transition to next school year.

      ☀ Summer learning fosters social and emotional development necessary for self-regulation skills and academic achievement.

Children lose essential reading and math skills over the summer, and many fall behind compared to their classmates who are actively engaged in reading, writing, and math activities during the summer. Children, who read a lot over the summer sustain vocabulary and reading comprehension. Likewise, students who are actively engaged in using critical analysis to apply mathematical reasoning to solve problems are more likely to sustain and improve their math skills for the next school year.

If you are trying to improve your child’s reading or math abilities, there are a few things to you can do to encourage your child to engage their minds and imaginations over the summer.  

As parents, you can provide books that match reading levels and interests, however, you will need to monitor your child’s reading comprehension. Research indicates that it is more than just handing a book to a child to read over the summer.  Improving or sustaining summer learning is most effective when parents or family members can provide guidance and critical thinking activities (Kim & White, 2008).  Just by providing children with books without guidance made no significant difference in decoding skills and comprehension for younger children and only a slight difference for older children.  Even having teachers or librarians encouraging students to read had little to no impact on comprehension skills.  The report continues to state, “We saw a significant difference when we provided books and adults were involved to guide reading skills and understanding” (Kim & White, 2008).  Parents can determine if their child understands what he or she is reading by asking questions about the story, allowing their child to refer to the text to locate specific details, and summarizing the material in order to deepen comprehension skills.  

All good readers use these reading techniques; however, it is essential that adults be explicit when monitoring comprehension. Reading with others and having the opportunity to critically think and discuss reading material fosters learning and skill building for vocabulary, fluency, spelling, writing and comprehension skills. Comprehension is most beneficial when children receive help from adults, who can ask questions and guide them to better understand what they are reading. This type of reading exercise will help your child to become strong readers.

At Bridge 2 Learning, we are excited to announce our Summer Book Club, where students will be actively engaged in reading while using effective literacy techniques to deepen their comprehension skills. Over the course of four weeks, we will be holding 90 minute reading and discussion sessions along with writing activities in a fun environment where students can read and discuss an interesting story, while also continuing to build their literary skills over the summer months.

We also offer fun and engaging game-based math activities to ensure your child is actively engaged and applying critical thinking skills over the summer to ensure their math skills are fresh and current for the next school year.  

We are here to help to ensure your child’s reading and math skills remain strong all summer long, and to help your child achieve success for the next school year. 

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