Bridge to Learning offers specialized and private literacy programs that are systematic and customized to meet your child’s specific learning needs for reading, writing, spelling, fluency and comprehension skills. We specialize in
Pre-Emergent, Emergent and Beginning Reading, where our Kinder Ready Program helps to build a strong foundation of literacy skills, which are necessary for academic success.

Our multi-sensory teaching approach is highly interactive and engaging in our caring and nurturing learning center. We provide academic support and reading intervention services in various content areas to meet the individual needs of every student with in-class assignments, study skills and test preparation techniques. We offer a variety of personalized instruction for PreK-6th grade for reading, writing and math to enhance academic learning and boost your child’s confidence for academic success.

New to Bridge to Learning is our virtual learning tutoring service. We provide customized lessons and support your child’s learning needs by providing individualized live instruction in the content areas of reading, writing and math. The virtual lessons help to support your child’s learning needs but provides personalized instruction with an experienced educator to enhance learning and improve academic achievement from the comfort of your own home.

We bridge the gap between learning and fun!